We are in the process of launching an ambitious project which will be a game-changer for the company. High-level we will be re-thinking how we manage our resources and infrastructure from the ground up. You will need to find a way to ensure that engineers have access to hundreds of thousands of vCPU's and petabytes of memory available at a single click. You will be taking a lead role in ensuring engineers have autonomy over their systems and at the same time optimizing for security and latency. 

Our engineers require the same level of autonomy and flexibility that major cloud providers are offering, but you will need to provide those features at a fraction of the cost. And if that wasn't enough for you, you will need to have this system work with multi-datacenters, WAN connectivity and potentially integration with public cloud offerings. 

  • Greenfield project 
  • Cloud computing + Resource governance 
  • Internet scale (> 1M requests / second) 
  • > 10,000 physical nodes 
  • > 240,000 virtual CPU cores 
  • > Petabytes of storage 
  • 1 – click, < 5 second deployment times 

Given this project is a greenfield project and we will be looking to innovate and build something yet to be seen, you’ll be expected to research and choose the right technologies to accomplish our goals. In fact, the right candidate won't be troubled by what technologies are employed. Even if they don't have experience in those particular technologies these candidates are the kind of people whom if they haven't worked with something in the past it doesn't take long before they are up to speed. The people we are looking for are currently the go-to guys in their current companies and will be looking to establish themselves as such at Agoda. 

We look for people with strong experience in designing full end-to-end distributed systems, particularly those involved in the automation of public cloud offerings (AWS, Azure, GCE etc). Experience working with containers will be important, especially those that have built systems focusing on the collaboration of containers. Naturally we’d be interested in talking to anybody involved with building a cloud internal to a private company or even those engineers who helped build commercial cloud products. Engineers that have good production of experience with cloud orchestration systems would be a bonus – kubernetesopenstack the like. 

More generally: all applicants must have excellent skills in compiled languages such as (preferred GoLang). All applicants will be comfortable learning new technology and can demonstrate having done so. Solid testing skills, you will be able to discuss various testing tools and strategies you have implemented previously. Naturally given the level of automation experience with scripting / batch systems will be useful (bash, Unix shell scripts, python) Finally, those who are comfortable working across the full stack will be highly preferred. 

If you are the guy that offers solutions, rather than reasons why something cannot be done, if you’d rather find out than worry that you’ve not encountered something before, if you prefer to dare to dream than to build the smallest safest product – and you like the project as much as has been outlined then get in touch ASAP: numerous but limited places are available for this top-end role! 


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