Aether was founded in 2017 under the belief that synthetic biology is the key to building the post-scarcity future. In order to catalyze the next industrial revolution, we are building the world's highest throughput robotic laboratory, generating data on scales previously not possible to feed deep learning algorithms. We are building a diverse team of engineers, sci-fi nerds, and world changers. We hope you can join us.



Hardware innovation is the core driver of Aether’s differentiation. Our focus on thinking differently, pushing the boundaries of mechanical, electrical, and robotic engineering, is what allows us to generate datasets of unprecedented size to feed our machine learning algorithms. The post-scarcity future will be built by Aether, and it’s foundation is our automation team.  


Core to Aether’s mission is reducing the time to develop engineered enzymes. Our approach to this problem relies on high-throughput synthetic biology workflows that generate rich datasets and actionable insights. You will design, build and deploy DNA assembly and DNA sequencing workflows on our robotic platforms. In this role you will collaborate with scientists, bioinformaticists, and software and protein engineers to validate our workflows.  As an automation engineer you will build  software to optimize these workflows and ensure traceability in our LIMS.  

In this role, you’ll OWN:

  • Developing and deploying automated workflows for DNA assembly and DNA sequencing

In this role, you’ll ASSIST with: 

  • Designing and analyzing experiments, collaborating with R&D scientists and automation engineers

In this role, you’ll TEACH:

  • Engineering best practices, training Associate Engineers on new workflows

In this role, you’ll LEARN

  • Novel DNA assembly methods and how to integrate them into our technology stack

Within ONE MONTH, you’ll:

  • Understand our DNA assembly and sequencing requirements
  • Have started writing software and developing methods to support these new workflows

Within THREE MONTHS, you’ll:

  • Have collaborated with scientists to design, build,  test and validate new workflows
  • Have acted as a project manager for small and large scale projects
  • Have managed, planned, developed, and executed laboratory automation projects from start to completion

Within SIX MONTHS, you’ll:

  • Have deployed new workflows into production and trained junior engineers along the way 
  • Have assisted in the development of SOPs, maintenance manuals, start-up procedures, etc. and provided training to new equipment users

Desirable Qualifications: Labcyte Echo/ EDC ATS Instruments, C#/VB, .NET, LIMS integration, high-throughput DNA assembly/sequencing workflows, enzyme engineering workflows, scheduling software (Momentum, GBG, Cellario, Retisoft), exceptional communication skills, humility, strong engineering practices, precision mindset.


Relocation stipend will be provided if necessary

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