AEDIT is the next-generation, go-to source for all beauty and aesthetic needs. We offer trusted
information about every cosmetic treatment available from an unbiased, expert point of view and connect users to the most qualified, board-certified doctors that provide them. As the one-stop cosmetic platform, users can search, learn and confidently make the most informed decisions possible to attain their individual beauty goals.

We are looking to hire a Senior Front End Engineer who will be responsible for building out key product features that will drive adoption and growth for users on our platform (Candidates and Providers).

You will be responsible for working with our product teams to build best in class web products that encompass the latest trends in front end development.  As a successful hire, you will be working closely with our internal product and design teams to bring production ready concepts to life.

What kind of work will you do?

You will be an individual contributor on a small team of enthusiastic technologists, specifically working with our Lead Engineers and CTO helping implement best practices while working on larger scale internal initiatives.

Specifically you will:

  • Build tech; Building externally consumer facing products that support multiple types of users (Candidates and Providers)
  • Use new and exciting tools.  We want to be on the cutting edge of technology, using the latest frameworks like React, Redux and Hooks
  • Work closely with our design and product teams to decide what is ‘right’ for our users and strive to empower them
  • Build SEO optimized technology with server side rendered React (using Next.js)
  • Work with our engineering teams specifically in the realm of big data, facial recognition, and analytics
  • Build and implement AB testing frameworks to enable the business to elevate major KPIs(key performance indicators)
  • Build internal tools that help assist in improving quality and scalability of our current code base
  • Help further scale our engineering teams and build a world class

In the past you have:

  • Have built front end user interfaces that use React, Redux, Hooks and/or Redux Forms
  • Built on top of Next.js or equivalent SSR platform
  • Worked for 5+ years of HTML/Javascript/CSS experience with familiarity of the following concepts:
    • Accessibility
    • Cross Browser Compatibility (including mobile vs desktop)
    • ES6
  • Have a passion for testing and wants to do more with tools like Jest;  Specifically snapshot and mock testing
  • Worked with agile development teams that put an emphasis on Continuous Integration and Delivery
  • Worked on building out marketplaces and/or content management systems like Wordpress or Contentful
  • Built platforms that put an emphasis on SEO at scale
  • Worked with design teams to create common frontend languages using tools like Storybook
  • Used new api paradigms with tools like Saga or GraphQL  
  • Implemented monitoring and performance tools

Front End Engineer Requirements:

  • 5+ Years as a professional software engineer
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills

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