Thanks for checking out our job openings. See something that interests you?  Please apply!  We have opportunities with the following groups - 

  • Business Development & Alliance Management
  • Corporate and Administrative (Finance, HR, Legal, etc)
  • Research & Development (Biology, Chemistry, AI/ML, Bioinformatics)
  • Technical Operations (Strain Construction, Analytical Chemistry, Purification, HTP Screening, Automation)

Don't see your dream job?  Please feel free to apply to our General Interest or Internships/Entry-level opportunities so we can have your information handy for when that opportunity comes.  

Current Job Openings

Corporate and Administrative (Finance, HR, Legal, etc)

In-house Recruiter
Vancouver, WA

General Interest

General Interest
Vancouver, WA


Research & Development


Biology and Chemistry

Technical Operations

Scientist, Project Lead
Vancouver, WA

Analytical Chemistry


Director, Fermentation
Vancouver, WA
Fermentation Scientist
Vancouver, WA
Scientist, Fermentation
Vancouver, WA

High-Throughput Screening

Laboratory Automation Engineer
Vancouver, Washington

Molecular Sciences