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Everybody uses money. Whether it's cash or with a credit card, kept in a bank or under a mattress, money enables the transfer of goods and services that improve people's lives. But the systems by which we transfer money have evolved very slowly. Bitcoin has changed all that, and Abra leverages bitcoin to do what we do.

At Abra, we’re making cash mobile. Abra operates an easy-to-use smartphone-based digital currency wallet based on bitcoin. Buy, sell, store, or send fiat currencies or bitcoin. 

We use Bitcoin and the blockchain to digitize currency and ensure safe transactions in a way that wasn't possible even a few years ago. It's a complex process in the back end but we keep the front end dead simple, because we're dedicated to making the end user experience as easy as possible. Our vision is an open, global financial system that is easily accessible to everyone.

Abra is an early-stage well-funded venture-backed company. Our VCs include First Round Capital (early investors in Uber), American Express Ventures, Ratan Tata, and a long list of leading financial services investors from around the world. See our About Us page for more background. Our small team size means you'll be able to make a big impact, while our funding will give you the runway to do just that. 

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