615 Ventures

615 Ventures is a Nashville-based investment firm that creates value through the acquisition and management of commercial real estate nationwide. 615 Ventures manages retail, office, industrial, SNTL and residential assets across seven U.S. markets. In addition to our commercial real estate efforts, we also evaluate company acquisitions primarily in the greater Nashville, TN area.
Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Requirements:
  • Value-add and opportunistic multi-tenant commercial assets
  • Single-tenant assets nationwide in high-growth urban and suburban markets, especially daycare/early learning centers
  • Commercial development and redevelopment projects in the greater Nashville area
Other Commercial Real Estate Opportunities:
  • We have several build-to-suit opportunities available for users
Company Acquisition Requirements:
  • Real estate service companies (e.g. HVAC, roofing, concrete, construction, plumbing, electrical, estimating/consulting)
  • Greater Nashville area
  • In-place management


Our Core Purpose is to enable our communities to thrive, our customers to succeed, and our people to grow.


We embody several Core Values that guide our daily decisions and actions:

Create Value: We operate under the principle of “leave it better than you found it.” Whatever project or task we may engage, we are always looking for opportunities to make improvements.

Embrace Curiosity: We are experts at becoming experts. We approach our work with inquisitiveness and professional skepticism while pursuing deeper understanding.

Be Accountable: We communicate and plan with transparency, allowing our teammates to both hold us to our word and challenge us to grow.

Operate Ambitiously: We set our goals high and then raise the bar just a bit more. We are constantly looking for ways to test ourselves, expand our capacity, and increase our productivity.

Think Proactively: We are always looking several steps ahead in our planning, understanding that today’s efforts set the stage for tomorrow’s successes. We take initiative anywhere we see need.


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