Our team is looking for a Senior Rigger to work closely with the animation and modelling teams to push the creative vision and technical boundaries. You will need to understand human anatomy, tools creation, and pipeline development that is engaged in designing and improving efficient workflows.


Job Details:

  • Create and maintain character, FACS based facial and animated object rigs in Maya
  • Implement and set up assets in the game engine
  • Help troubleshoot rigging related issues in both Maya and the game engine
  • Create, maintain, and continuously improve tools and pipelines in Maya
  • Help make sure assets and systems are optimized for run-time performance
  • Work closely with the team to refine workflows and content authoring processes
  • Mentor and teach others on tool usages, technical workflows, and best practices
  • Create a written or video documentation to aid information sharing
  • Excellent communication skills and positive attitude

Skills, Experience and Qualifications:


  • Expert in rigging and skinning. Vast experience creating animator friendly rigs in Maya
  • Extensive knowledge of human anatomy and kinesiology and how it relates to deformation rigs
  • Experience working with a game engine. (e.g., Unreal, Unity, or AAA proprietary game engines)
  • Tools development experience in Python, and PySide or PyQt
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented programming principles and practical usage
  • Experience with driving positive and effective collaborative processes in a team environment
  • Experience with optimizing(e.g., LOD, fps performance, memory footprint) assets for a game engine
  • Maya plug-in authoring experience in C++ is a plus


We are Cloud Chamber: a collaborative team of inspired minds who create games together. We strive to make unique, entertaining, and thoughtful game experiences that engage the world. 


We believe in the beauty and strength of diversity, in both the makeup of the studio and the nature of our thinking.  Our focus on open communication and overall well-being allows each of us to strive for excellence in our work and happiness in our lives.


We’re currently making the next BioShock. Our love for this iconic franchise is what brought us together. The thrill and responsibility of creating the next iteration of such a beloved game is what keeps us going.


If all of this sounds as exciting to you as it is to us we’d love to meet you. Join us in creating worlds that move people.

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