Who We Are:

2K Games Dublin is a hub passionate about performance marketing (including mobile User Acquisition), commercial strategy, data engineering and data science/analytics and is part of the 2K Games group of companies.  

We develop and publish interactive entertainment globally for console systems, handheld gaming devices and personal computers, including smartphones and tablets. We are a leading publisher of today’s most popular gaming genres and most well-known for critically acclaimed game franchises like NBA 2K, WWE 2K, BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, XCOM and the beloved Sid Meier’s Civilization.


Who Are the Team:  

2K’s Publishing studio is more than just where all the paperwork is done, it houses our premium art services teams, including the Creative Marketing group. Capture Artists play all the latest games in development and is highly skilled in presenting video games in their best light.

The Game Capture Artist is part artist, part gamer, and part photographer/videographer. You will be responsible for the majority of gameplay images and video used for marketing, including major trailers, gameplay demos, and media exclusives!


What We Need:

We are looking for veteran gamers who show great leadership and skill for crafting high quality video and image assets. Someone with an incredible eye for composition and visual storytelling is what we are after. We are looking for someone who can set the visual bar for the rest of the team, and to mentor them as well. Understand photography, videography, or any skills with Adobe Creative Suite applications and gameplay capture technology is also highly desired. We also want someone who is great at working with and leading other people.

We are looking for individuals who have artistic backgrounds, as well as technical, photo, or video skills. That said, we are also looking for individuals who are experienced gamers because it requires high level of experience and comfortability with games to get the best out of them. Having a combination of these skills is a huge plus. 

The Game Capture Artist needs to be passionate about games, patient, and an excellent team player. Capturing quality footage and screenshots takes time and coordination, as well as a bit of technical savvy. Along with these premium qualities, they will work hand in hand with Creative Directors, Art Directors, Producers and the Capture Team Lead where professional and transparent communication is paramount to our success.


What You Will Do:

The Game Capture Artist is responsible for playing our biggest upcoming AAA games and capturing screenshots and video footage for marketing purposes. They will collaborate with other members of the team to stage the action to effectively demonstrate the action, drama, and beauty of the game. On top of this, the Capture Artist will assist the Capture Lead in project management, team management, and artistic feedback.

  • Play game as part of a small multiplayer team to compose shots that demonstrate specific action, key features, visuals, etc!
  • Capture both static imagery and video footage to specifications.
  • Retouch imagery as required.
  • Light video editing using Adobe Suites.
  • Connect with the team on compositional quality of assets.
  • Lead group capture sessions as a director and choreographer.


What Skills Are Needed:

  • Highly developed understanding of art, composition, light, colour, and action.
  • Skilled in photography and videography.
  • Outstanding quality and consistency of asset creation.
  • Technically proficient with PCs and gaming consoles.
  • Comfortable with many game genres from FPS to RPG, from PC to iOS, and everything in between.
  • Proficient at first person movement and XBOX/PS4 controller use.
  • Experienced with video capture hardware/software and Adobe Creative Suite – Premiere and Photoshop experience is a big plus.
  • Shows leadership be setting a good example and providing critical feedback.
  • Effectively creates strategies for capture projects and labour management.
  • Technically not a “skill”, you do need to be comfortable working 10am-6:30pm to enable greater connection with your US HQ.


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