Who We Are

2K Games Dublin is a hub focused on performance marketing, commercial strategy, data engineering and data science/analytics and is part of the 2K Games group of companies. 

2K develops and publishes interactive entertainment globally for console systems, handheld gaming devices and personal computers, including smartphones and tablets. 2K is a leading publisher of today’s most popular gaming genres and most well-known for critically acclaimed game franchises like NBA 2K, WWE 2K, BioShock, Borderlands, Evolve, XCOM and the beloved Sid Meier’s Civilization.


Who We Recruit

We look for graduates from all backgrounds to work in all areas of our business. The 2K team has come from a range of backgrounds including: science, economics, IT, marketing, engineering, philosophy, psychology and business.

Regardless of what discipline you’re coming from, if you’re smart, curious and hardworking we want you in our graduate programme.


Compensation and Opportunities

The starting salary for the graduate programme is €35,000, with salary reviews every six months. If you start the grad programme today, you could be making €70,000 in three years.

As well as the salary, we offer private medical insurance, dental insurance, pension scheme, income protection, gym membership, work phone and other benefits. Our office is on Dawson Street, in the heart of Dublin.

Subsequent to the graduate programme there will be many opportunities within the organisation for future roles. Our graduates go on to do amazing things for 2K. Past graduates are working on exciting things such as high-level semantic analysis and machine learning or managing €3 million a month in ad spend.


How We Recruit

A lot of companies have ‘fun’ and ‘quirky’ processes for deciding who gets onto their graduate programme. We keep our recruitment process short and straightforward, assessing for the things that we know are critical to success in our company.

We hire graduates who have an aptitude for analytical thinking, 80% of our hiring decision is based on a test that looks at three essential qualities:

- Quantitative skills

- Qualitative skills

- The ability to learn new things

If you have these aptitudes you’ll thrive at 2K. So, we encourage you to apply! 


Graduate Training Programme

Our graduate programme will begin in July 2021 and it is an 18-month programme. 

Rotation System:

The graduate programme operates on a set of 6 rotations. The rotations are similar for all employees albeit they happen in different orders depending on business priorities:

Core Skills: This is the first rotation. Everyone is given a core set of skills, and training, required to operate. This will include a lot of Excel training, explainers on how each of the ad platforms operate and day-to-day management of how to effectively operate in a work environment.

Marketing Operations: This is the core rotation which you will likely do 2 - 3 times. However, at each stage you will be operating at a higher level. So, by the time month 13 comes along there will be new graduates underneath you. The primary purpose of this rotation is advertising on major digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, DoubleClick, Google Ads, etc. 

Marketing Technology: In order to develop technical skills, you will perform a rotation within the Marketing Technology function. Here you will learn how the internet functions, how e-Commerce operates technically, and how technology can be set-up to enable marketing optimisation. 

Other areas of business: This is where you will be exposed to different departments within the broader business. This can include teams such as the Analytics team or the Commercial team. The goal of this rotation is to round-out your learning so that you have a broader understanding of the entire business.


Personal Development:

While we are working through the rotation system, simultaneously, we will be expecting and training for a shift in approach & responsibility.

Months 1-3: On the job training with management.

You’ll be given realistic tasks and challenges to complete.

You’ll be managing €100,000 to €250,000 per month in advertising budget.

We’ll be watching your work closely, leading you step-by step.

Months 4-6: You’ll be managing your own performance marketing campaigns.

You’ll be managing €100,000 to €250,000 per month in advertising budget.

We’ll be watching your work closely, leading you step-by step.

Months 6-18: This is when things get interesting.

You’ll start to win arguments and influence our thinking on performance marketing.

We’ll start to change how we work based on your suggestions.

We’re serious about our graduate programme. Our graduates bring fresh perspectives and new ways of looking at problems. Their ideas should, and do, lead to company-wide changes in how we operate.

After 18 months, our graduates specialise and can go into specific roles within the business. You might keep working on digital marketing, or you could move into marketing technology or one of the more analytical teams.

By that point, you’ll be trained in everything from advanced Excel and reporting to every aspect of digital marketing, e-commerce and our unique approach to work and project management. Our approach to digital marketing touches on every aspect of a business, from pricing strategy to data analysis and sales, so you’ll be prepared to take on, and succeed in, any e-commerce role.


Training Outcome

Our goal is to equip every grad with three fundamental skill sets; analytical, technical and commercial. Very few people possess all three, but they are all essential to success in performance marketing. We want to work with smart people who have the potential to develop these skills.


Why Work in Performance Marketing

We want our team to do their best work at 2K, to challenge themselves, and to learn and grow in their roles. So, we invest in our staff. You will learn directly from our senior management, they’ll spend a lot of time sharing their skills and experience with the team.

Digital Marketing is a microcosm of e-commerce. If you’re doing it right, it touches on every aspect of a business. Working at 2K, you will get experience of client relations and business development, performance marketing, proposition, business marketing, investment principles, general business strategy and more.

At the highest end of performance marketing, you will be exposed to areas such as natural language processing, predictive modelling and machine learning.


Who Skills You Have

  • Highly numerate with strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to quickly digest large amounts of data, perform analysis and identify trends to make business decisions based on data. Excel expertise is a bonus.
  • Excellent attention to detail. 
  • Self-Starter and quick learner. Confidence and ability to tackle new initiatives with little guidance.
  • Minimum 2.1 Graduate degree, in addition to, a demonstrated ability to perform numerical analysis  for example a minimum C1 in Higher Level Leaving Certificate Mathematics.
  • Although technically not a "skill", you should be comfortable working hours 10am-6:30pm, this enables greater connection with our US HQ.


How To Apply

We are now recruiting for the grad intake for July 2021. Applications will be processed as they are received. 

Apply with CV and  full information regarding academic grades

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