Intake Form


❏ Post the Job
❏ Sourcing Plan
❏ Interview Kit Build-Out
❏ Schedule Recurring Collaboration Meetings ❏ Offer Process Review
❏ Review Candidate Journey

Posting the Job:


Job Title: _______________________________
Location(s): _____________________________
Consider remote and/or relocation
Compensation: __________________________
Review Job Description (ensure relevance, most up-to-date version, check gender bias) Add questions to Application (Deal-breakers, Y/N questions that will weed out applicants quickly)

Niche job board recommendations: ______________________________________________________________________ Action Items for HM:​ Post on your LinkedIn & Social Media


3 most critical competencies: Keywords:

Alternative Job Titles: ________________________________________________________________ External/Internal potential candidates: ________________________________________________________________ Selling points for candidates (for InMails and Phone interactions) (i.e. career path, growth, etc.): ________________________________________________________________ What are the day to day tasks in your own words?

What will this person accomplish in a year?

How will you know they have been successful?

Action Item for HM:​Ask team and network for referrals

Auto Reject Question:

❏ Yes (limit to three most critical competencies) ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________

❏ No


Questions Recruiters should ask (job specific) Interview Line-Up

Interviewer Assignments: Cultural Interviews / Values, Skills, Experience, Why Workfront (structure in Greenhouse accordingly)
Presentation / Group Interview / Executive Interview (structure in Greenhouse if applicable)

Assessment (include section in Greenhouse if applicable)
Schedule regular/recurring collaboration with Hiring
Manager Create Slack Channel for interview collaboration
Interviewer in charge of Fit for Values interview guide: ___________________


Target start date: ____________________________
Offer deadline to achieve target start date: ___________________________ Interviewers / Hiring Manager OOO dates: ___________________________ Target F2F Interview dates: _________________________
Target Hiring Manager Interview dates: __________________________ Target Recruiter Phone Interview dates: ___________________________

  • ❏  Mark dates on calendars for Recruiter, HM, Interviewers (F2F only), and Coordinator

  • ❏  Schedule placeholders on Hiring Manager’s calendar for interviews

    Offer Process Review:

    ❏ Verbal offer to be made by (Check ONE) ❏ Recruiter

    ❏ Hiring Manager
    ❏ HM Action Item:​ Welcome call from Hiring Manager post-offer signing

    Additional Notes:

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