In this position you will be part of a growing R&D team that is responsible for researching and developing the next generation of in situ analysis chemistry in a highly interdisciplinary environment. You will be responsible for designing new in situ technologies for genomic analyses, testing them on several sample types and present the data to the rest of the team.

This work will be done in close collaboration with expert scientists within spatial transcriptomics, single cell and in situ analysis, both in Sweden and California, and gives you the possibility to take a key role in developing the next suite of cutting-edge spatial genomics technologies.

You will contribute with your know-how, expertise in the field and creative thinking to the overall in situ platform development at 10x Genomics.

What you will be doing:

  • Design, develop and optimize novel in situ methodologies and decoding chemistries
  • Design and execute experiments to test novel technologies, acquire and interpret data and report to the rest of the team
  • Help building and seethe required R&D infrastructure (instrumentation, computational analysis) to support the development of these methodologies in close collaboration with experts from imaging and computational analysis
  • Contribute with your strong in situ expertise to strategic work for the development of the in situ platform at 10x
  • Contribute and apply your know-how to other platform technologies
  • Work in a highly interdisciplinary local and intercontinental team
  • Help recruiting top talent in Europe to work on novel methodologies of in situ analysis
  • Apply biochemistry, molecular biology, and computational analysis techniques to generate innovative solutions
  • Solve technological bottlenecks through strong scientific, experimental and data driven approach
  • Design and optimize oligonucleotide sequences, perform in situ assays on different samples, apply high throughput fluorescence microscopy, process large image data and analyze and present data through bioinformatic pipelines and tools
  • Work closely with experts from optics & microscopy, computational biology, chemistry and molecular biology in Sweden and California

To be successful, you will need:

  • A PhD in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, or similar fields
  • Strong track record of developing new cutting edge in situ analysis methodology
  • Experience in developing technologies for in situ transcriptomic analysis (FISH, smFISH, bDNA, HCR or other method).
  • Experience in developing highly multiplexed in situ genomic analysis
  • Excellent wet lab skills from a range of molecular biology and biochemistry research techniques
  • Excellent fluorescence microscopy skills
  • Experience in processing and analyzing large image data sets using bioinformatic pipelines
  • Exceptional technical depth in spatial genomics/transcriptomics/in situ analysis techniques
  • Proven ability to design novel molecular biology assay schemes
  • Strong expertise in primer/probe oligonucleotide sequence design
  • A scientific mindset, excellent problem-solving skills and experimental design experience
  • To be able to manage technical challenges independently, but also be a strong team player
  • Excellent written and oral communication (English)
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas with an interdisciplinary team

It would be advantageous if you had:

  • Wetlab experience with running single cell RNA sequencing assays
  • Experience in spatial transcriptomic and/or single cell RNAseq data analysis
  • Experience in immunofluorescence/-histochemistry, H&E and other tissue morphology stainings


At 10x Genomics, accelerating our understanding of biology is more than a mission for us. It is a commitment. This is the century of biology, and the breakthroughs we make now have the potential to change the world.

We enable scientists to advance their research, allowing them to address scientific questions they did not even know they could ask. Our tools have enabled fundamental discoveries across biology including cancer, immunology, and neuroscience.

Our teams are empowered and encouraged to follow their passions, pursue new ideas, and perform at their best in an inclusive and dynamic environment. We know that behind every scientific breakthrough, there is a deep infrastructure of talented people driving the life sciences industry and making it possible for scientists and clinicians to make new strides. We are dedicated to finding the very best person for every aspect of our work because the innovations and discoveries that we enable together will lead to better technologies, better treatments, and a better future. Find out how you can make a 10x difference. 

Individuals seeking employment at 10x Genomics are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation. 


10x does not accept unsolicited applicants submitted by third-party recruiters or agencies. Any resume or application submitted to 10x without a vendor agreement in place will be considered unsolicited and property of 10x, and 10x will not pay a placement fee.

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