Tumblr is one of the most heavily trafficked sites in the world. Your job is to help us handle that traffic. Our service runs on thousands of servers both in our own data centers and up in the cloud. We’re looking for someone who’s dedicated to keeping it all running smoothly.

Naturally, an in-depth understanding of the way large sites operate is important for this job. As is experience putting that knowledge to work. Specifically, candidates should have:

  • A talent for identifying and diagnosing the root cause of complex issues that can span multiple systems.

  • An ability to work under pressure and maintain clear communication with different teams and roles.

  • A willingness to understand how things work and why things are done a certain way; and to suggest improvements when they see an opportunity.

Additionally, the candidate must be a strong proponent of automation, in everything from system setup and configuration to the monitoring of applications, systems, and networks.


  • Extensive working knowledge of Linux and the full suite of Unix utilities.

  • Experience with a wide range of services (Nginx, HAProxy, Hadoop ,Varnish, Memcache, MySQL, etc.) and knowledge of how to debug them when problems arise.

  • Experience debugging hardware, networking, and operating system issues.

  • Ability to recognize when other teams need to be involved in solving a problem, and to work with them in finding a resolution.

  • Experience with setup and maintenance of configuration management and monitoring systems (Puppet, Icinga, Nagios, etc).

  • Ability to understand, improve, and develop new code in multiple scripting languages (Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl).

  • Smarts, humility, and an equal willingness to learn and teach.

  • A sense of ownership, initiative, and drive.
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