Our Mission

There's a whole wide world out there, full of things to do and amazing places to explore. Yet people so often do the same things over and over. We’re on a mission to put the city's most memorable experiences at your fingertips.

Because life's too short to be bored.

About Us

We’re a small and talented team founded by former Google and Slide employees. We’ve raised $15 million from amazing investors, including Khosla Ventures, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Keith Rabois, Mike Krieger, and Naval Ravikant. And we’re just getting started.

The Challenge

Sosh is built on data. We scour the web, gathering information on the many events and venues across multiple cities; we analyze and categorize these events to enable a great browsing experience; and we present personalized recommendations to our users.

Activity data is rich and complex. How do you analyze a blog post and work out what restaurant it's talking about? How do you take a restaurant name and confidently state what neighborhood it's in? How do you find a great photo to illustrate an Iberian Seafood cooking class?

We're looking for a smart, passionate engineer to join us to think through problems similar to these and deliver smart automated solutions that multiply our content team's productivity.

What You Will Do

Be responsible for Sosh's activity content. From top to bottom, you'll become the primary engineer responsible for thinking about how we find, categorize, edit and display activities on Sosh. With support from the rest of the team, you will take on our existing data and tools, understand and document them, then improve and polish to enrich everyone's lives!

Draw meaning from pools of unstructured data. We scrape thousands of blogs, sites and feeds every day to find the best activities in the city. You’ll take over this infrastructure, fine-tune and smarten it, and help us hack through this haystack to guide us to the needles.

Build the tools our content team uses. A member of our content team reviews and edits every activity we publish on Sosh. You'll improve the internal tools they use to help them spend their time more efficiently.

Collaborate closely with our product & content teams. Get guidance on where the big issues lie in our current process, proactively propose & implement solutions, and define how to measure their success.

About You

You are intrinsically excited about working with data. You are full of ideas. Our experienced team of server engineers and data scientists will support you as you experiment and grow, but you'll be expected to push forward your own understanding.

At least one year's professional experience as a software engineer. We care more about experience and passion than formal schooling. Computer Science degrees are nice, but a history of working on projects and proactively solving problems is much more important. (Great internships, coursework or side-projects will be considered as experience too)

You're a quick learner, and want to share what you've learned. You will be expected to take your ideas from concept to production, and quickly! Maybe you've never built a web interface before? That's OK, we expect you to learn on the job. You should be able to spend time researching things on your own, but also be comfortable asking questions of your teammates. And at the end, share your findings with the rest of the team.

You love experimentation. You are always aware that “there’s a better way to do this”, but are ruthlessly pragmatic in prioritizing your time.

About Engineering at Sosh

Sosh is built by a small and dedicated team of engineers. You can count us on your fingers, but we deliver outsized impact through engineering skill and a culture that multiplies our productivity.

We primarily build using Python. Django, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis and Objective-C are key tools on our belt, but we are always investigating new technologies that will help us build better experiments faster.

We love learning. We’re working on crazy-hard problems. When faced with something we haven't tackled before, our adrenaline soars. And once we’re done, we take the time to teach the rest of the team what we discovered.

We’re ruthlessly focused on shipping. We recognize that there’s always a better way of doing something, but accept that pragmatism outweighs purism.

We care passionately about the product. We don't just accept a spec and code—we aim to understand the problem we're solving for our users, and regularly offer ideas of how the app, process and company can be improved.

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